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Corporate Profile


OHT Inc. has developed, produced and sold Non-Contact Inspection System since the establishment in July 1994. The object of our Inspection System is Printed Circuit Board and Flat Panel Display, which are applied to communication devices and digital consumer products, and their technology keeps developing extremely. Especially, you can see products using touch panel, such as smartphones and tablet devices, in any situation of your life, and such products have been essential. Our Inspection System will be demanded to be highly skilled, while the advanced technology is required in compliance with the wide variety of application and the unimaginable technology innovation evolves in the Flat Panel market in the future. As an expert of Non-Contact Inspection System, we listen to the voice of customers and devote ourselves to development and enhancement of our technology and to make constructive proposal to customers so as to meet their requirement with the cutting edge of our inspection technology in all ages. Besides, we appreciate our customers understanding and support to our improving our technology and providing inspection systems. The whole our staff push forward with our work together to make a social contribution through our inspection system such as manufacturing more reliable goods and creating an employment.

Aiming for the world’s best in the inspection system industry, we always feel a sense of gratitude and grow up toward the bright future.

We look forward to your continued business in the future.

President Hiroshi Hamori

Company's basic principles and business strategy

The ties are power. Believe each other to increase solidity.

Have originality and ingenuity and propose knowledge and idea anytime.

Enhance the value of company existence by doing good in and harmonizing with a community.

Company Credo

Devise all the time and Invest in the future. Realize the happiness of everyone related with OHT.

1. Happiness of employees and their families

2. Happiness of business partners

3. Happiness of community


Corporate name OHT Inc.
Head office 1118-1 Nishi-chujo, Kannabe-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima 720-2103, Japan
tel +81-84-960-2120  fax +81-84-960-2118
E-mail oht@ohtinc.jp
Tokyo New Business Center 6F, SHIBAKOUEN PLAZA BUILDING, 3-6-9 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan
(TEL) +81-3-6453-9630  (FAX) +81-3-6453-9631
Tokyo Design Center 1-28 Namiyanagi, Hanno-city, Saitama 357-0021, Japan
(TEL) +81-42-980-7313  (FAX) +81-42-980-7316
President Hiroshi Hamori
Established June 15, 1994
Paid-in capital 420 million Japanese yen
Employees 64 (As of 31th March, 2023, OHT Inc. only)
Our bank MUFG Bank, Ltd./Chugoku Bank, Ltd./Hiroshima Bank, Ltd./Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Business scope Development, manufacturing and sale of non-contact testers, etc.
Product lines non-contact testers, printed board electric inspection systems, liquid crystal electric inspection systems, and semiconductor testers
Global Network
  • China: OHT (SHANGHAI) Incorporation.
  • Korea: KOHT Co., Ltd.
Act Charter and Code of Conduct Company Act Charter of the OHT group
Code of Conduct of OHT group employees